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    We are all about growing! Growing food, medicines, ornamentals, edible landscapes, native plants, ourselves and our communities.


    “To create an environment that fosters the growing agriculture/horticulture industry in California through knowledge sharing and equipment availability, for our farmers and craft farmers that is superior in quality and environmentally responsible”.


    In their never-ending quest for higher yields, farmers years ago left behind successful soil-supporting practices and adopted inorganic fertilizers, bare ground fallow and monocultures. They were sold on the idea that complex chemistry would solve the problems created by other misguided farming practices.

    Meanwhile farmers and experts are working in tandem to formulate better farming practices. Modern farming practices seem to focus on the plant. This approach is short sighted, and fails to address the health of the soil which is the foundation of all organic life! Nearly all quick-fix attempts have created a new — and more persistent — problem. Clearly, this approach has led us to the current state of conventional agriculture!

    Most of the principles of conventional agriculture focus on eradicating any living thing that causes harm to the crop. This ‘antibiotic’ system of producing crops also disables the fragile, beneficial components and beneficial biologics needed for a healthy soil, join us as we go on the journey to better soil health and understanding. The destruction of our soils not only affects the farmer, but the consumer, as well as the landowner. Flavor and nutrition start to disappear when soil health and crop quality are not the primary focus.

    We have created trusted and long lasting business relationships between your business and our technology partners, who are able to offer the most advanced and PROVEN in agriculture amendments, inputs,  hardware, & Supplies. Machinery and Equipment which has been designed and engineered with the future in mind! SpaceCertifiedTechnasa
    We support LOCAL economies, and believe that sharing the works of those we have tried, and tested as true SOLUTIONS to the conundrum modern day agriculture has us placed within.

    We have long standing relationships with green companies like Soil Secrets® for soil science products which instigate the natural biochemical processes required for healthy soils and proper plant nutrition .Soil-Secretslogonew

    Our leading Air Quality Engineers are able to engineer, develop and design specific air handling systems, as well as  adaptable air handling and cleaning options which are able to offer you Sanitizing Air Technology through Green Environmental Technologies.




We Offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! and are looking for interested parties to further the research and development that gives our products their amazing reputations.

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